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NR 222 UNIT 1 QUIZ (Already graded A+)

Quiz 1 1. A nurse uses ethical reasoning to solve an ethical dilemma. Why would the nurse use this process? (Points : 2) Assists in predicting all of the possible consequences of future actions Facilitates gathering of the most important information to solve the problem Considers the importance of caring when solving the problem Highlights salient aspects of future actions Question 2.2. When providing preoperative teaching for a client who will be undergoing total knee arthroplasty, the nurse asks the client questions to assess his understanding of the surgery. Which type of ethics is the nurse implementing? (Points : 2) Duty-based ethics Normative ethics Metaethics Preventive ethics Question 3.3. Considering the provider and client perspective, which of the following is the most autonomous form of insurance? (Points : 2) Fee-for-service plan Health maintenance organization (HMO) Preferred provider organization (PPO) Independent practice association (IPA) Question 4.4. A Medicare client reports to the home care nurse that he is receiving care through an accountable care organization (ACO). Which of the following considerations should be made when delivering care to this individual? (Points : 2) The individual must see a primary care provider before being referred to a specialist The focus of care is prevention and management of individuals with chronic disease The individual has paid a membership fee to be part of this organization The focus of care is to conserve money in a health savings account Question 5.5. An individual states that his family has insurance, but that paying for routine medical costs is very expensive because most routine services are paid for out of pocket. Which type of insurance plan does this individual most likely have? (Points : 2) High deductible health insurance plan (HDHP) Point-of-service plan (POS) Health maintenance organization (HMO) Preferred provider organization (PPO)

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