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AQA A Level History: Revolution and dictatorship: Russia, 7042/2N FULL NOTES AND ESSAY PLANS

AQA A Level History: Revolution and dictatorship: Russia, 7042/2N. I made essay plans to cover the entire course using various textbooks and websites. A* standard.

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Door: emmawakefield1 • 1 maand geleden

Door: muaazahlaher • 2 maanden geleden

Door: hamzamiah • 2 maanden geleden

ONE STAR! It doesn't cover all chapters i.e., 22-24 & 1946-7 Famine, which is important as it accounts for a significant portion of the course. I asked if this was an uploading error, but was told to use my 'common sense'. It was an extremely unpleasant and defensive interaction. Essentially, these notes don’t cover the 'entire course' as claimed

Door: aingham16 • 2 maanden geleden

Extremely harsh and unhelpful review. I was informed you would give a better review after reading the notes but clearly not the case. The notes were made organically for my own A level exams, which I received an A star. It covered everything I needed. Each to their own I guess? The essay format makes these note unique and much more helpful.

Door: sarahstevenson • 3 maanden geleden

Door: jmarkham2003 • 4 maanden geleden

Door: vanshikakalani • 5 maanden geleden

Door: aingham16 • 5 maanden geleden

Hi! I just wanted to ask what issue you found with these notes, as I find 3 stars a rather low rating. Abbie

Door: nrameshni • 6 maanden geleden

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