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Exam 1 Answers (MKT 200) Post University

Exam 1 A Question 1 1. Organizing includes ________. A. setting organizational goals B. hiring organizational members C. motivating organizational members D. determining who does what tasks 5 points Question 2 1. A managers most precious resource is... Time People Customers Money 5 points Question 3 1. Which of the following can you assume to be true of the role of managers in the organization? A. an organization's success or failure is due to external forces outside managers' control B. managers' roles are increasingly becoming peripheral and staff manage their own areas of expertise C. managers are directly responsible for an organization's success or failure D. managers cannot significantly affect an organization's performance because they constrained by the abilities of their employees 5 points Question 4 1. The United States, Canada, and Mexico are parties to the North American Free Trade Agreement. True False 5 points Question 5 1. Establishing strategies for achieving organizational goals is a part of the ________ function A. leading B. coordinating C. planning D. organizing 5 points Question 6 1. Organizational change can be any alteration of people, structure, or technology. True False 5 points Question 7 1. One of the strategic benefits of workplace diversity is that it can be viewed as moral and ethical, as well as the "right" thing to do. True False 5 points Question 8 1. A global mind-set refers to attributes that allow a leader to be effective in cross-cultural environments. True False 5 points Question 9 1. Supervisor is another name for which of the following? A. team leader B. middle manager C. first-line manager D. top manager 5 points Question 10 1. Which of the following is NOT something you should know about your direct reports? Their strengths Triggers that activate those strengths Learning styles Ability to multi-task 5 points Question 11 1. Workplace diversity refers exclusively to the differences between employee characteristics True False 5 points Question 12 1. ________ involves ensuring that work activities are completed efficiently and effectively by the people responsible for doing them. A. Commanding B. Managing C. Planning D. Organizing 5 points Question 13 1. Which one of the following qualities should a modern manager posses? Share information with other employees; create a culture of transparency Reduce and eliminate feelings of vulnerability Create a culture of command and control Become technical experts 5 points Question 14 1. Today, the basic management functions include ________. A. planning, organizing, commanding, and coordinating B. planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling C. planning, organizing, commanding, and controlling D. planning, organizing, leading, and controlling 5 points Question 15 1. Stress is the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure placed on them from extraordinary demands, constraints, or opportunities. True False 5 points Question 16 1. Decision making is a part of the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling functions and thus, the essence of management. True False 5 points Question 17 1. Which one of the 4 things should good managers do? 1. Question their own management 2. Avoid conflict 3. Play favorites 4. Terminate employees whose abilities managers feel "threatend" by 5 points Question 18 1. Demographic characteristics such as differences in age, gender, race, etc. reflect surface-level diversity among employees. True False 5 points Question 19 1. Managers with an ethnocentric attitude do not trust foreign employees with key decisions or technology. True False 5 points Question 20 1. A series of eight steps that begins with identifying a problem and concludes with evaluating a decision's effectiveness is known as ________. A. the decision-making process B. decision support theory C. a decision-tree analysis D. a decision information system

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