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West Georgia Technical College - PHILOSOPHY 201 > Quiz #5 -PHIL 201 -51 OUT 60 (Latest 2019/20)

Quiz #5 PHIL 201 51 OUT 60 • Question 1 Your noetic structure concerns only those beliefs that are actually true. • Question 2 The motivation behind internalism is: • Question 3 David Hume was a: • Question 4 A major criticism that internalism raises against externalism is: • Question 5 Noetic structure refers to: • Question 6 Intellectual virtue is best described as: • Question 7 The intellectual virtue of humility can be described as the mean between: • Question 8 Epistemic humility means the same thing that it means when applied to moral issues and questions. • Question 9 Virtue epistemology generally focuses on being intellectually virtuous as opposed to being absolutely certain. • Question 10 Which is not one of the ways that Wood says moral and intellectual virtues parallel each other? • Question 11 If Robert thinks that the only way in this world for a person to know whether God exists is to have some kind of sensory experience of God, along with an active mind that is able to process, structure and arrange ones experiences in a way that makes sense to him, then Robert would be following Kant in thinking that: • Question 12 According to Kant, belief in God’s existence is a claim of metaphysical knowledge, and while he thinks we cannot have knowledge of such metaphysical claims, he, nevertheless, believes we have good reasons to believe in the existence of God because • Question 13 One of the philosophical benefits of skepticism is that • Question 14 What is the point of Descartes' evil demon argument? • Question 15 Among some of the reasons why unmitigated skepticism is difficult for a person to consistently hold as a serious philosophical position is because • Question 16 Suppose a person is deeply concerned about whether her belief in God is rational. In order to make this determination, she reflects on the kind of evidence she thinks she has for God’s existence (e.g., the apparent design and beauty of the universe, the existence of other sentient beings, the almost universal acceptance of some degree of objective morality, etc.). In light of her awareness of, and access to, this potential evidence, she would be considered: • Question 17 Select the one below that does NOT belong : The justification of one’s beliefs is a matter that deals with • Question 18 Select the one below that does NOT belong: To suggest that a person’s approach to justification is internalist is to suggest that • Question 19 Select the one below that is NOT a difficulty with W.K. Clifford’s approach to evidentialism • Question 20 If an individual is an externalist in terms of epistemic warrant, then that person thinks that

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