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NSG 5002 week 4 knowledge check Questions & Answers; South University.

NSG 5002 week 4 knowledge check Which is not a fundamental pattern of knowing in nursing? Question 1 options: A) Ethics B) Epistemologics C) Aesthetics D) Empirics Which statement accurately reflects a fundamental assumption of emancipatory knowing? Question 2 options: A) Language carries power meanings. B) All knowledge is value-neutral. C) Social oppression is natural and unavoidable. D) Research is an apolitical activity. As a nurse, Sheila works hard to establish caring relationships with her coworkers, her patients, and her patients’ families. According to Habermas, this activity is most directly related to which area of human interest? Question 3 options: A) Technical interest B) Emancipatory interest C) Political interest D) Practical interest According to Freire’s theory of human liberation, the members of the dominant group in a society: Question 4 options: A) lack a sense of unity with one another. B) are barred from realizing their full human potential. C) deny the self and internalize the consciousness of others. D) work to preserve the status quo. Freire’s theory of human liberation states that disadvantaged groups must accomplish several steps in order to move toward freedom. The first of these steps is: Question 5 options: A) consciousness of emotion, or developing love for self and for those who are privileged. B) consciousness raising, or coming to realize the actual circumstances of one’s own situation. C) consciousness of unity, or acknowledging that others are also disadvantaged and joining with them to take action. D) consciousness of actions, or identifying what potential courses of action are feasible but have not yet been tried.

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