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[Solved] BUSI 610 Quiz 3

[Solved] BUSI 610 Quiz 3 BUSI610 Quiz 3 BUSI 610: Quiz 3 Question 1 is the highest level of interdependence and exists when the output of operation A is the input to operation B, and the output of operation B is the input back again to operation A. Answer: Question 2 Large-batch production is considered to have greater technical complexity than small-batch production on Woodward’s scale. Answer: Question 3 Engineering technologies tend to be low in analyzability and high in variety. Answer: Questions 4 Assume you are the supervisor of workers who have very limited education and experience, and that their work is routine. Generaly you would: Answer: Questions 5 Products of difference sizes, types, and customer requirements freely intermingling on the assembly line is an advantage of lean manufacturing. Answer: Question 6 Characteristics of service technology include all of the following except: Answer: Question 7: Traditional assembly lines, such as for automobiles, are an example of large-batch production. Answer: Questions 8: The goal of the sociotechnical systems approach is to design the organization for: Answer: Question 9: A(n) systerm is a computer-based system that provides information and support for managerial decision making. It is supported by the organization’s transaction processing systems and by organizational and external databases. Answer: Question 10: Approaches of explicity knowledge management include the use of dialogue and communities of practice. Answer: Question 11: The evolution of organizational applications of information technology move from first-line to the top as follows: Answer: Question 12: is a highly ambitious quality standard that specifies a goal of no more than 3.4 defects per million parts. Answer: Question 13: A strategy map provides a visual representation of the key drivers of an organization’s success and shows how specific outcomes in each area are linked. Answer: Question 14: Which of the following is not a perspective of the balanced scorecard? Answer: Question 15: With a modual structure, most activities are: Answer: Question 16: The information reporting system is the most common form of management information system. Answer: Question 17: Clan control is most often used in: Answer: Question 18: High formalization is most closely associated with which of the following? Answer: Question 19: Ninety-nine percent of businesses that make it past the first year still fail within five years because they can’t make the transition from the entrepreneurial stage. Answer: Question 20: Which of the following is not true regarding organization sin the entrepreneurial stage of development? Answer: Question 21: In contrast to large businesses, small business is characterized by: Answer: Questions 22: Carson is the manager of Cutter’s Consulting, a consulting company composed of professionals from different fields. In such a company, Carson would be wise to: Answer: Question 23: As organizations increase in size, the net effect for direct workers is that they decline as a percentage of total employees. Answer: Question 24: Which of the following is not a dimension of bureaucracy that Weber envisioned as desirable? Answer: Question 25: Requirements of the market control strategy are tradition, shared values and beliefs, and trust. Answer: Question 26: How do digital factories and lean manufacturing differ from other manufacturing technologies? Why are these new approaches needed in today’s environment? Answer:

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