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[Solved] BUSI 610 Quiz 2

BUSI 610: Quiz 2 BUSI 610 Quiz 2 Question 1 An organization’s environment includes all except: Answer: Question 2 A hardware store would be in complex environment. Answer: Question 3 Resource dependence means that organizations depend on the environement but strive to acquire control over resources to minimize their dependence. Answer: Questions 4 The following examples illustrate how various sectos can impact organizations: Answer: in the raw materials sector, we note that steel makers owned the beverage can market until the mid-1960’s. Questions 5 refers to the high-tech analysis of large amounts of internal and external data to spot patterns and relationships that might be significant. Answer: Question 6 The greatest uncertainty for an organization occurs in which environement? Answer: Question 7: The difference in cognitive and emotional orientations among managers in different functional departments, and the difference in formal structure among these departments is referred to as: Answer: Questions 8: The includes those sectors that might not have a direct impact on the daily operations of a firm but will indirectly influence it. Answer: Question 9: Many companies are changing from a partnership orientation mindset to a traditional adversarial. Answer: Question 10: A similar concept to the organization ecosystem is the approach, in which businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations join together across sectors and industries to tackle huge, compelling problems of mutual interest. Answer: megacommunity Question 11: Which of the following is not one of the frameworks of interorganizational relationships? Answer: Question 12: Coercive forces result in: Answer: Question 13: The perspective is when companies join together to become more competitive and to share scarce resouces. Answer: Question 14: Coercive forces mean that organizations change to achieve standards of professionalism. Answer: Question 15: Given their flexibility, specialists are able to reallocate resources internally to adapt to a changing environement whereas generalists are not. Answer: Question 16: Geisinger Health System, Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare, and Group Health Cooperative believe that using the sharing digitalized patient records can help healthcare providers make smarter decisions and provide better care, such as referring a patient to a specialist in another system. This is an example of which of the following? Answer: Question 17: The global product division structure works best when pressure for decision-making balances the interests of both product standardization and geographical localization and when coordination to share resources is important. Answer: Question 18: To meet new competitive threats, many manufacturing firms are emphasizing the ability to customize their products to meet specific needs which requires a greater emphasis on global responsiveness. Answer: Question 19: The global matrix structure: Answer: works best when there is pressure for decision making that balances the interests of both product standardization and geographical localization. Question 20: With a global geographic division structure, each division’s manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and controlling all functions of the production and distribution of its products for any market around the world Answer: Question 21: The global product structure works best when a division handles products that: Answer: Questions 22: A transnational team is a work group made up of multinational members whose activities span multiple countries. Answer: Question 23: European companies typically take a decentralized approach to coordination and control. Answer: Question 24: Which of these operates in truly global fashion, and the entire would is their marketplace? Answer: Question 25: When forces for both global standardization and local responsiveness in many countries are low, simply using an international division with the domestic structure is an appropriate way to handle international business. Answer: Question 26: Under what conditions should a company consider adopting a global geographical structure as opposed to a global product structure? Answer:

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