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[Solved] Liberty University BUSI 610 Quiz 4

BUSI 610: Quiz 4   Question 1 All legal requirements are ethical standards Answer: Question 2 Legends are stories which are consistent with the values and beliefs of the organization but are not supported by facts. Answer: Question 3 Culture represents the formal organization, whereas organizational structure, size, and strategy represent the informal organization. Answer: Questions 4 Symbols are narratives based on true events that are frequently shared among organizational employees and told to new employees to inform them about the organization Answer: Questions 5 Culture strength regers to there being a low number of differen subcultures within the culture as a whole. Answer: Question 6 A strong organizational culture is a primary characteristic of a learning organziation. Answer:True Question 7: Organic organizations encourage a bottom-up innovation process. Answer: Questions 8: ABC Credit Union began offering a “Sweep Account,” in which funds ocer $500 in a checking account would be “swept” into a money-market, interest bearing, account until the account reached $100, at which point, funds from the money market accound would be “swept” back into the checking account. This is an example of a  change. Answer: Question 9: In the horizontal coordination model, the  component means that each deparmrent involved with new poducts has excellent linkage with relevant sectors in the external environment. Answer: Question 10: Leaders who have taken their companies through major successful transformations often have one thing in common: they focus on formulating and articulating a compelling vision and strategy that will guide the change process. Answer: Question 11: Horizontal coordinations means that each department involved with new products has excellent linkage with relevant sectors in the external environment Answer: Question 12: Structure and system changes are usally bottom-up, mandated by lower management, whereas product and technology changes may often come from the top down. Answer: Question 13: Management science, although cumbersome, cannot product failures in decision making. Answer: Question 14: Which of the following is not true regarding decsion-making in today’s environment? Answer: (Not there is less certainty about outcomes) Question 15: Which stage of the organizational decision making process occurs when alternative courses of action are considered and one alternative is selected and implemented? Answer: Problem solution stage Question 16: The first four steps of the rational approach to decision making are specifically designed to help a manager. Answer: Question 17: The management science approach to organizational decision making is the analog to the rational approach by individual managers. Answer: Question 18: The incremental decision model is based on research showing that: Answer: (Not none of these) Question 19: Middle managers and lower-level employees do not have access to information that would increase their power. Answer: Question 20: People at the bottom levels of an organization can never obtain more power than those in higher levels of the organization. Answer: Question 21: Which of the following is a political tactic for increasing power? Answer: all of these Questions 22: Confrontation as a method of reducing conflict is likely to be more effective when: Answer: Question 23: Resources symbolize power and influence within an organization. Answer: Question 24: The sources of intergroup conflict are goal incompatibility, differentiation, task interdependence, and limited resources. Answer: Question 25: is difficult to measure because power differences are not defined on the organizational chart. Answer: Question 26: Describe the dual core approach. How does the process of maangement change normally differ from technoloy change? Discuss. Answer:

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