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PHIL 347N -Theories of Development (1)

Theories of Development Multiple Choice Questions 1) Which of the following theories relies on the understanding of internal drives and emotions to answer the "whys" of human development? A) Psychoanalytic B) Humanistic C) Biological D) Cognitive Answer: A Page Ref: 24 2) Psychoanalytic theorists suggests that human development depends on A) our ability to accommodate external stimuli. B) our ability to modify our behavior based on the prospect of rewards or punishment. C) the influence of internal drives and emotions upon behavior. D) social relationships. Answer: C Page Ref: 24 3) Which of the following most accurately describes Freud's model of the personality? A) Formal operations B) Id, ego, and identity C) Consciousness, preconsciousness, and reality D) Id, ego, superego Answer: D Page Ref: 24 4) Which aspect of our personality demands to be satisfied in physically pleasurable ways? A) Executive control of the ego B) Moral guardian of the superego C) Libido of the id D) Reality principle of the superego Answer: C Page Ref: 24 5) Jada saw some money on the kitchen table. She really wanted to take it but her conscience kept her from it. Which part of Jada's personality is telling her that it would be socially unacceptable to take the money? A) Superego B) Ego C) Unconscious D) Id Answer: A Page Ref: 24 6) According to Freud's model of personality, which of the following best demonstrates the functioning of the id? A) "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" B) Restraining your desire to have a hot fudge sundae C) Stealing a CD because you really want it D) Planning to seduce a sexual partner Answer: C Page Ref: 24

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PHIL 347N-Theories of Development (1) & PHIL 347N Week 8 Final Exam

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