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Tentamen (uitwerkingen)


Which of the following is true of the biological functions of testosterone? Backward effects of left-sided heart failure include Which of the following is true of the biological functions of estrone? Ausculation of the chest reveals bilateral fine crackles in the bases bilaterally, indicating: In performing a physical assessment, the nurse notes the patient has a configuration to the chest. This is a consequence of: Patients with chronic renal failure usually exhibit: The diet of a patient in end-stage kidney disease is restricted in all of the following except: In addition to hypertension, pre-eclampsia is characterized by: Common manifestations of bacterial pneumonia include all of the following except: Closed drainage systems work to re-expand a lung after pneumothorax by: On the normal oxyhemoglobin curve, if the Oâ‚‚ saturation is 88%, it would correlate with a PaOâ‚‚ of approximately: The oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve represents the relationship between the: A calculated ABG value that indicates excess or insufficiency of sodium bicarbonate in the system is: The normal pH range for blood is: The solution that would be most alkalotic would be the one with a pH of: The respiratory system compensates for changes in the pH level by responding to changes in the levels of: You are reviewing the results of an ABG. Both the pH and the HCO³ values are abnormal and match. The primary problem is: Interpret the following ABG results. pH 7.33 pCOâ‚‚ 60 HCO₃ 34 All of the following might be a cause of respiratory acidosis except: Interpret the following ABG results.pH 7.21 pCOâ‚‚ 60 HCO₃ 24 Therapeutic interventions focused on increasing the oxygen supplied to the heart and decreasing the hearts€™s demand for oxygen include: An intervention that would contribute toward the healing of a peptic ulcer is: Aspirin and NSAIDs are causative factors for the development of peptic ulcer disease because they: What is the medical application of cortisone? Cortisone is used to treat: The purposes of epinephrine injection include all of the following except:

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