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NR 511 Week 8 Final Exam Practice Questions-Answers (Term 2020-v2){ALL CORRECT GRADED A}

NR 511 Week 8 Final Exam Practice Questions-Answers (Term 2020-v2) Question: Harriet, age 62, has type 1 diabetes that is well … by insulin. Recently, she has been having marital difficulties that have left her emotionally upset. As a result of this stress, it is possible that she will: Question: Mason, age 52, has diabetes mellitus (DM) and is overweight. You now find that he is hypertensive. How should you treat his hypertension? Question: Dan, age 45, is obese and has type 2 diabetes. He has been having trouble getting his glycohemoglobin under control. He has heard that exenatide (Byetta) causes weight loss and wants to try it. What do you tell him? Question: When you inspect the integumentary system of clients with endocrine disorders, a finding of coarse hair may be an indicator of: Question: Which of the following is not a risk factor for diabetes mellitus type 2? Question: Bill, age 43, appears with a tender, ulcerated, exudative, papular lesion on his penis. It has an erythematous halo, surrounding edema, and friable base. The nurse practitioner should suspect: Question: Josh and Martha have 5 children and do not want any more. Josh said he heard about a no-scalpel vasectomy (NSV) and asks the nurse practitioner how it works. What would be the best response? Question: Susan, age 28, is 9 months pregnant and asks you about using umbilical cord blood after birth for newborn DNA identification. What do you tell her? Question: Russo, age 59, is a postmenopausal woman who comes to your office complaining of vaginal dryness. She has been sexually active with a new partner and says that penetration is very painful. She has tried over-the-counter lubricants but has not found one that works. Her history is significant for hypertension only. After examination and wet prep, you diagnose her with atrophic vaginitis. The treatment for this condition includes: Question: Sherri’s blood work returns with a decreased mean corpuscular volume (MCV) and a decreased mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC). What should you do next? Question: Which of the following is a benign neoplasm? Question: Sally has human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and asks which method of birth control, other than abstinence, would be best for her. You suggest: Question: Cass, age 67, tells the nurse practitioner (NP) that she has been … with a condition that causes sudden flares of pain, swelling, and redness of the joints in her toes. She cannot remember the name of the …, but she knows it is … by urate crystals that “get stuck in the joint and cause pain.” She is on hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) for management of her hypertension. The NP should suspect a diagnosis of: Question: Matthew, age 52, is a chef who just … 2 of his fingers with a meat cutter. You would recommend that he: Question: Marsha, age 34, presents with symptoms resembling both fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, which have many similarities. Which of the following is more characteristic of fibromyalgia than of chronic fatigue syndrome? Question: June, age 67, presents with back pain with no precipitating event. The pain is … over her lower back muscles and spine, without sciatica, and it is … by sitting, standing, and certain movements. It is alleviated with rest. Palpation localizes the pain, and muscle spasms are felt. There was an insidious onset with progressive improvement. What is the most likely diagnosis? Question: Sam, age 50, presents with Paget disease that has been stable for several years. Recently, his serum alkaline phosphatase level has been steadily rising. The nurse practitioner determines that it is time to start him on pharmacologic management. Which of the following should she initially prescribe? Question: A 55-year-old patient is able to complete range of motion (ROM) against gravity with some resistance. The nurse practitioner would assign which of the following numerical grades to this manual muscle testing description? Question: Paul has a malignant fibrosarcoma of the femur. He recently had surgery and is now on radiation therapy. You want to order a test to determine the extent of the tumor invasion of the surrounding tissues and the response of the bone tumor to the radiation. Which of the following tests should you order? Question: Karen, who is postmenopausal, is taking 1200 mg of calcium daily but does not understand why she also needs to take vitamin D. You tell her that:

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