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ATI Fundamentals Exam 2020 – Kaplan University | ATI Fundamentals Exam 2020

ATI Fundamentals Exam 2020 – Kaplan University ATI Fundamentals Exam 1. a nurse in a clinical is caring for a middle age adult who states, "the doctor says that since I am at an average risk for colon cancer, I should have a routine screening. what does that involve?" which of the followingresponses should the nursemake? A. "I'll get a blood sample from you and send it for a screeningtest." B. "beginning at age 60, you should have acolonoscopy." C. "you should have a decal occult blood test everyyear." D. "the recommendation is to have a sigmoidoscopy every 10years." 2. a nurse is caring for a client who is having difficulty breathing. the client is laying in bed with a nasal cannula delivering oxygen. which of the following intervention should the nurse takefirst? A. suction the client'sairway B. administer abronchodilator C. increase the humidity in the client'sroom D. assist the client to an uprightposition 3. a nurse is preparing to administer 0.5 mL of oral single-dose liquid medication to a client. which of the following actions should the nursetake? A. gently shake the container of medication prior toadministration B. transfer the medication to a medicinecup C. place the client in a semi-fowlers position to medicationadministration D. verify the dosage by measuring the liquid before administeringit 4. a nurse is planning care to improve self-feeding for a client who hasvision loss. which of the following interventions should the nurse include in the plan ofcare? A. tell the client which food she should eatfirst B. provide small-handle utensils for theclient C. thicken liquids on the client'stray D. use a clock pattern to describe food on the client'splate 5. a nurse is teaching an older adult client who is at risk for osteoporosisabout beginning a program of regular physical activity. which of the following types of activity should the nurserecommend? A. walkingbriskly B. riding abicycle C. performing isometricexercises D. engaging in high-impactaerobics 6. a nurse is assessing a client's readiness to learn about insulinadministration. which of the following statements should the nurse identify as an indication that the client is ready tolearn? A. "I can concentrate best in themorning." B. "it is difficult to read the instructions because my glasses are athome." C. "I'm wondering why I need to learnthis." D. "you will have to talk to my wife aboutthis." 7. a nurse is giving discharge instructions to a client who will require oxygen therapy at home. which of the following statements should the nurse identify as an indication that the client understands how to manage this therapy at home? A. "I'll make sure that, when my friend comes by, she smokes at least 6 feet away from my oxygentank." B. "I'll use a woolen blanket if I get chilly while I'm using myoxygen." C. "I'll check the wires and cables on my TV to make sure they are ingood working order." D. "I'll lay my oxygen tank down on the floor when the grandchildrenvisit so they don't knock it over." 8. a nurse is caring for a client who is reporting difficulty falling of the following measures should the nurserecommend? A. drink a cup of hot cocoa beforebedtime B. exercise 1 hr before going tobed C. use progressive relaxation techniques atbedtime D. reflect on the day's activities before going tobed 9. a nurse is assisting a client who is postoperative with the use of an incentive spirometer. into which of the following positions should the nurse place the client? A. side-lying B. supine C. semi-fowlers D. trendelenburg 10. a nurse is assessing an adult client who has been immobile for the past 3 week. the nurse should identify that which of the following findingsrequires furtherintervention? A. erythema on pressurepoints B. lower-extremity pulse strength on2 C. fluid intake of 3,000 mL perday D. a bowel movement every otherday 11. a nurse is caring for a client who requires a 24-hour urine of the following statement by the client indicates an understanding of the teaching? A. "I had a bowel movement, but I was able to save theurine." B. "I have a specimen in the bathroom from about 30 minutesago." C. "I flushes what I urinated at 7 am and have saved all urinesince." D. "I drink a lot, so I will fill up the bottle and complete the txtquickly." 12. a nurse is caring for a client who has herpes zoster and asks the runsabout the use of complementary and alternative therapies for pain control. the nurse should inform inform the client that his condition is a contraindication for which of the followingtherapies? A. biofeedback B. aloe C. feverfew D. acupuncture 13. a nurse is preparing to transfer a client who has right-sided weakness from the bed to a chair. in what order should the nurse take the following actions to assist theclient? 1. ask the client is he can bearweight 2. use the stand-pivot technique to move the client to thechair 3. position the chair on the left side of thebed 4. have the client sit and dangle his feet at thebedside 14. a nurse is preparing to administer an injection of an opioid medication toa client. the nurse draws out 1 mL of the medication from a 2 mLvial. which of the following actions should the nursetake? A. ask another nurse to observe the medicationwastage B. notify the pharmacy when eating themedication C. lock the remaining medication in the controlled substancecabinet D. dispose of the vial with the remaining medication in a sharpscontainer 15. a nurse is preparing a herparing infusion for a client who washospitalized with deep-vein thrombosis. the orders read: 25,000 units of heparin in 250 mL of 0.9% sodium chloride to infuse at 800 units/hr. at what rate should the nurse set the infusion pump? (round to the nearest wholenumber)

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