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Tentamen (uitwerkingen)

HIEU 201Chapter 11 quiz (Latest-2020) : Liberty University (100% Correct Answers)

All of the following were true of university students EXCEPT they a. learned the habit of reasoned argument. b. were infamous for their fighting, drinking, and gambling. c. studied Latin translations of ancient texts. d. were forbidden from studying theology. Hide Feedback Correct The geocentric theory held that a. a single giant sphere, containing the planets and the stars, revolved around a motionless earth. b. all of the planets would eventually fall to the center of the universe, the earth. c. the earth, as the center of the system, had the most elevated and exalted place in the universe. d. seven transparent spheres, in which the seven planets were embedded, revolve around the motionless earth. Hide Feedback Incorrect According to the medieval worldview a. no separation existed between a realm of grace and an earthly realm. b. sharp differences existed between a higher world of perfection and a lower world of imperfection. c. a single set of laws for both the heavens and the earth operated in the medieval universe. d. spirit and matter were the same substance. Hide Feedback Correct Saint Anselm (1033–1109) taught that God could a. be known through faith and through reason. b. be known only through faith. c. not be known. d. be known only through reason. Hide Feedback Correct The condemnation of strict Aristotelianism in 1277 a. may have advanced science because it led to a re-examination of Aristotle's ideas. b. was a blow to conservative theologians, who favored using the philosophies of Aristotle to support articles of faith.

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