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NR 508 Advanced Pharmacology: Week 2 Quiz (Possible Q & A)

Be familiar with prescriptive authority for nurse practitioners ( ch 2, pg 10) Know the mechanisms of action of Tetracyclines (ch 61, pg 683) … uses of Tetracycline antibiotics ( ch 61,pg 684) Know Contraindications of oral contraceptive pills (OCP) (ch55, pg 634 ) Extended cycle monophasic pills, Transdermal and Vaginal Ring contraception. (Ch 54 pg 621) Know how to prescribe a Nuva Ring for contraceptive management ( ch 54 pg, 616) Prescribe oral contraceptive pills ( 54, pg 617) Know how to read a T score or how to interpret a T score greater than 2.5 ( ch 39, pg 431) Indications for progestin only contraception. Chapter 54 pg 621 and 627) … Mechanisms by which pneumococci become resistant. TX of P. Falciparum. ___ education regarding missed contraceptive management and what the patient would do if they did miss their management ( ch 54,pg 605) …. first steps to take when opioid abuse is suspected Physical assessment and labs? … mechanism of action of penicillin ( ch 59,pg 672) Know the treatment for systemic infections caused by Aspegillus, Blastomyces, Candidia albicans, Histoplasma & Cryptoccoccus ( ch 67pg 722) Know the treatment of meningitis in AIDS patients ( ch 67, pg 722) … usage of vancomycin and it’s mechanism of action ( ch 58,m pg 668) Know the vitamin-K Dependent clotting factors ( ch 25,pg 310) … Uses of the different generations of Cephalosporins.( 60,pg 677) Patient education necessary when prescribing Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills (COCPs). (ch 54 pg 617

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