Tentamen (uitwerkingen)


HESI PN FUNDAMENTAL EXAM (VERSION 2) - LATEST UPDATE2 1) During the initial physical assessment of a newly admitted client with a pressure ulcer, a LPN observes that the client's skin is dry and scaly. The nurse applies emollients and reinforces the dressing on the pressure ulcer. Legally, were the nurse's actions adequate? A The nurse also should have instituted a plan to increase activity. B The nurse provided supportive nursing care for the well-being of the client. C Debridement of the pressure ulcer should have been done before the dressing was applied. D Treatment should not have been instituted until the health care provider's prescriptions were received. Correct Answer: B 2) A visitor comes to the nursing station and tells the nurse that a client and his relative had a fight and that the client is now lying unconscious on the floor. What is the most important action the LPN/LVN needs to take? A Ask the client if he is okay. B Call security from the room. C Find out if there is anyone else in the room. D Ask security to make sure the room is safe Correct Answer: D 3) To ensure the safety of a client who is receiving a continuous intravenous normal saline infusion, the LPN should change the administration set every: A 4 to 8 hours B 12 to 24 hours C 24 to 48 hours D 72 to 96 hours Correct Answer: D 4) A LPN/LVN is taking care of a client who has severe back pain as a resultof a work injury. What nursing considerations should be made when determining the client's plan of care? Select all that apply. A Ask the client what is the client's acceptable level of pain. B Eliminate all activities that precipitate the pain. C Administer the pain medications regularly around the clock. D Use a different pain scale each time to promote patient education. E Assess the client's pain every 15 minutes Correct Answer: A, C 5) The LPN/LVN is preparing to administer eardrops to a client that has impacted cerumen. Before administering the drops, the nurse will assess the client for which contraindications? Select all that apply. A Allergy to the medication B Itching in the ear canal C Drainage from the ear canal D Tympanic membrane rupture E Partial hearing loss in the affected ear Correct Answer:A,C,D

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