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Hesi A2 Reading Food Food and drink are necessary and desirable, but their abuse can cause serious physical and metal problem. Many physicians believe that overeating is one of the country's main health problems, since it places a great strain on the heart, can lead to diabetes, and often shortens the individual's life span. To fill an emotional void. People often turn to food when they are bored or lonely. Another area of concern is alcohol consumption. The results of alcohol abuse are widely publicized. The social drinker who becomes alcoholic, the drunken driver's contribution to highway death, spousal and child abuse, are all concomitant problems associated with alcohol abuse. 1. What conclusion can be drawn about the article? A. The author think chopstick are funny B. The best way to eat food is with cutlery C. The author explain differences in eating processes. (CORRECT) D. Space flight is fun and exciting. 2. What statement can be implied from the content of article? A. Eating in space can be time-consuming. B. Diversity is interesting to learn about C. The author thinks cutlery is the best tool to use to consume food. (correct) D. The author enjoys trying new food. 3. The author seems? *Favor moderation 4. As used in the last sentence of this paragraph, the term “concomitant” means? *Accompanying 5. The author’s motive for writing the paragraph seems to have been to? *Urge self-control 6. The information presented in this article is? *Unbiased in its approachEating Consumption of food is a universal necessity. Different cultures have developed different methods to accomplish the task. It is interesting to discover these differences and learn new ways to do things. European cultures developed cutlery (knives, forks, and spoons) to enable people to efficiently eat their food. Correct use of this tools changes with the times-what was polite in 1800 may not be considered proper manners today. China developed the chopstick as an efficient tool for eating. Mastery of the use of chopsticks can be difficult for the person not raised in the culture. The attempts of a novice to use chopsticks can be very amusing to the watcher, but frustrating for the hungry diner. Space travel has created new challenges for consuming food. Squeeze bottles and other unique packaging have enabled space travelers to get their needed nutrition. Chopsticks and forks do not work well in space. 1. What conclusion can be drawn about the article? A. The author think chopstick are funny B. The best way to eat food is with cutlery C. The author explain differences in eating processes. (CORRECT) D. Space flight is fun and exciting. 2. What statement can be implied from the content of article? A. Eating in space can be time-consuming. B. Diversity is interesting to learn about C. The author thinks cutlery is the best tool to use to consume food. (correct) D. The author enjoys trying new food.Exams Subjective exams measure your ability in several areas. Besides recall information, you must be able to realize content logically and intelligently express yourself in a clearly understood manner. Subjective test provide opportunity for students to show their broad knowledge of a subjective area. Answers may be in the form of paragraphs or lengthy essays. When your review for an essay exam, concentrate on main ideas rather than details. Since essay tests are less to a few questions, they are likely to deal with more important ideas of a subject. Prepare a list of question you thing might be asked. Write an answer to each of your questions. Rather than writing complete sentence down your thoughts in outline form. Doing so will help you organize the information so that you can express yourself clearly. When you take the test, read through all the questions before you start to write. Allot time for each question, spending more time for questions worth the most points. Read each question carefully to determine exactly what is they asked. Pay attention to words such as define, illustrate, explain, list, compare, and contrast. Each work require a different type of response. Write a brief outlines of your answer on scrap paper or the back of the test. Make sure you include all the important ideas that are within the limits of the question. In other words, do not write more than is asked for each answer. When you write your answer, keep it specific and as brief as possible. In the introductory sentence it is often helpful to make a general statement that includes important points addressed in each question. Such a topic sentence serves as a framework for your answer. Then use your outline to develop the main point and subtopics. Add substance to your answer by including as many facts as possible to support your answer. Check your paper before you submit it. Look for mistakes in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation. Unless you are certain an answer is wrong, do not change it. Your answer is an educated guess and is usually your best chance of answering correctly. 1. When taking a subjective examination, you will find questions like. A. True & False C. Matching B. Multiple Choice D. Definitions. (CORRECT) 2. Compared to objective exams, essay test contain A. no good answers C. fewer questions (correct B. more questions D. harder questions 3. From the article the reader can conclude that a test containing true-false question is called. A. subjective C. objective (CORRECT) B. rejective D. Dejective 4. Compared to objective exams, subjective tests contain A. more questions. C. harder questions B. fewer questions (correct) D. no good answersThe Game of Bridge The ebb and flow of laughter and silence fills the room as four old friends gather to engage in a round of Bridge playing. For the beginner, Bridge can be complicated, but with time, effort, and a good teacher, even the novice can become proficient. Composed of two main parts, bidding and playing, Bridge requires the player's undivided attention. The dealer deals the entire deck of playing cards evenly between the for players, with each person receiving thirteen cards. In the bidding portion of the game, the four suits of cards in the deck are ranked highest to lowest as follows: spades, hearts, diamonds, and finally clubs. However, during play all the suits of cards are considered equals, and they go from highest to lowest from the ace being high to the two card being low. The highest number of tricks wins. A trick is one card played by each player for a total of four. After the lead player lays down his/her card, the other players follow suit, if possible. The highest card within the four "same suit" cards played wins the trick and picks up all four cards. If a player cannot follow suit, he/she plays any card, but to make the game more interesting and challenging, one suit is named a trump suit which means that if a player plays a card from the trump suit, it always wins the trick. If two cards from the trump suit are played, the highest card within the trump suit wins the trick. Obviously the team with the most tricks wins the hand. 1. The author want the reader to feel A. As though the game of Bridge is too hard for novices to learn. B. frustrated and confused about playing bridge C. confident and excited about learning the game of bridge (correct) D. Overwhelmed by all the rules for the games of Bridge. 2. Throughout this passage the word suit means A. A set of clothing to be worn together B. Any of the four sets into which a deck of cards is divided. (CORRECT) C to be convenient or right for D. To request or appeal persistently 3. In the passage, a trick is described as A. A special look given to your partner across the table B. A book that gives strategies on how to win a Bridge. C. A collection of one card played by each of four players. (CORRECT) D. A specific card the dealer gives to the person to her right. 4. The passage explicitly states A. That the highest card within the "trump" suit always wins the trick. (CORRECT) B. The Ace card is always the lowest card. C. That there is a pile of leftover" cards that is placed in the middle of the game table. D. that if a player cannot follow suit, she loses her turn to the next player. 5. The passage implies that A. playing bridge requires concentration. (CORRECT) B. Bridge is an extremely easy game to play C. Bridge is only for older people D. Bridge is only for womenThe Golden Gate Bridge Linking San Francisco to Marin County in California, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the world. The bridge crosses over a narrow strait which connects the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco Bay. Prior to the bridge, people traveled by ferry boat across the strait. Although most people thought a bridge was necessary to expedite travel, some residents of the bay area felt the risk of building the bridge was too great. Joseph Strauss believed that nothing was impossible and dreams would never come to fruition if risks weren't taken. So he decided to gather the best and brightest builders, architects, and workers to embark on the challenge of building a bridge across the Golden Gate Strait. With safety nets in place, the construction began in 1937. Building the anchorages first, the builders then move on to the towers on each end, and then to the three-foot thick cables to support the suspension bridge. Lastly, workers labored to complete the roadway which became the most dangerous and treacherous part of the entire task. The builders had to keep the bridge balance so it wouldn't fall into the bay. Today, over sixty-five years later, the bridge remains a life-line for the people of the San Francisco Bay Area. 1. The authors reason for writing this piece seems to be to A. Inform the reader (correct) B. Teach the reader C. persuade the reader D. entertain the reader 2. What body of water does The Golden Gate Bridge cross? A. San Francisco Bay B. Pacific Ocean C. Marin Strait D. Golden Gate Strait (Correct) 3. Why was the roadway so dangerous to build? A. There weren't enough materials available to build the road B. The workers might get hit by passing cars. C. The men would fall to their deaths. D. If the road wasn't balance, it would collapse. (correct) 4. What is embarking? *Begin/Start 5. What is the first step build? *AnchorageThe Electoral College The Electoral College has nothing to do with college and contains no students. The Electoral College consists of votes that each state acquires based on the number of representatives it has in Congress. Each state has two electoral votes because each state has two senators. The remaining electoral votes are determined by the number of Congressmen, the number of which is based on the population of the state established by the Census taken each decade. During the presidential election, most states cast all their electoral votes for the candidate who wins the popular vote in that particular state. It’s all very confusing, but the founding fathers know what they were doing. By having and using the Electoral College candidates campaign in every state, but just because they win the popular vote across the country doesn't mean they will always win the election. Case in point, in election 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote across the country, but George W. Bush won more electoral votes. Therefore he became our 43rd president. 1. Which statement from the passage is a fact? A. Each state casts their electoral votes during the Presidential election (CORRECT) B. The government randomly assigns electoral votes to states. C. Candidates only campaign in states where they think they can win. D. the Electoral College is a college in Washington D. C. 2. The author's reason for writing this piece seems to be to A. Inform the reader B. Teach the reader (CORRECT) C. Persuade the reader D. Entertain the reader The Golden Gate BridgeVoice What effect does your voice have on others? Does it persuade or irritate, attract or repel? One of the worst qualities is harshness. If you ever get the feeling that people are uncomfortable when you speak, it may be that your harsh tones are jarring their eardrums. Your voice will sound unpleasant if it is shrill, grating, hard, piercing, brassy, to loud, or too nasal. Harsh voice qualities usually come from too much tension in the throat and jaw. Tension tightens muscles and blocks the relaxed voice tones essential to a pleasing impression. Because tension occurs in higher pitched voices, women tend to have shriller voices than men, which usually makes them less desirable public speakers, newscasters, or political candidates. 1. Which statement from the selection presents a fact rather than an opinion? A. One of the worst voice qualities is harshness. B. Harsh voice qualities usually come from too much tension in the throat and jaw. (Correct) C. Your voice will sound unpleasant if it is shrill, grating, hard, piercing, brassy, too loud, or too nasal. D. Because tension occurs in higher pitched voices, women tn to have shriller voices than men, which usually makes them less desirable public speaker, newscasters, or political candidates. 2. What is stated in this paragraph? A. Some men have harsh voices. B. Relaxed people often have harsh voices. C. Women make less appealing political candidates. (CORRECT) D. Not everyone finds a harsh voice irritating. 3. The information presented is A. Slanted in favor of newscasters (CORRECT). B. Slanted against people with deep voice C. slanted against people with piercing voices. D. balance in its approach. 4. The author seems to: A. prefer low pitched tones (CORRECT) B. be an experienced public speaker C. prefer shrill, grating, and brassy voice D. have no particular reactions to different voices. (CORRECT)THE WHITE ELEPHANT Centuries ago, in the country of Siam, now known as Thailand, it was the custom of the rulers that displeased them by giving the offender a white elephant. Because the animal was considered to be could not be made to work as other elephants did, but still had to be fed hundreds of pounds of fruit and cared for in the most lavish style. The recipient could not give the elephant to anyone else, as it was the ruler, who would be greatly displeased should the recipient not receive the gift graciously or care for in a grand style. This monetary burden could be a major liability to the recipient and in many cases they became impoverished. This is the origin of the term "white elephant" as it is used today to denote an unwanted gift. The way of gift exchange played during the holiday season is an offshoot of this. In this game, everyone brings and the gifts are exchanged by drawing numbers and picking a gift in turn. The second person can choose or steal the first one. It is all in good fun, and people enjoy giving silly gifts and "stealing" someone else. 1. How did the people regard a white elephant? A. If a village elder received a white elephant, the entire village shared in the supply of meat. B. People tried very hard not to offend the king so they would not receive a white elephant C. White elephants were highly prized as they were very hard workers in the cane fields. D. The people of Siam vied for the honor of receiving the king's gift or a white elephant. 2. Where is Thailand" A. Africa B. Europe C. Asia (CORRECT) D. South AmericaTESLA Croatian-born inventor Nikola Tesla is often called the "forgotten scientist". Although he invented the alternating current (AC) motor and developed an AC electricity generation system, he never received historical credit for many of his achievements, unlike one of his first employer and eventual nemesis, inventor Thomas Edison Tesla made the first sketches of his idea for a brushless of his idea for a brushless AC motor while he was a student at the University of Prague in 1882. His interest in electricity generation led him to Paris where he was employed by the Continental Edison Company later that year to repair Edison's direct current (DC) power plants. Two years later, Tesla immigrated to New York City and acquired a job as an engineer at Thomas Edison's headquarters in Manhattan. Edison was impressed with Tesla's work ethic and ingenuity. He challenged the young scientist to develop an improved design for his DC generators for $50,000. Tesla experimented for months, finally presenting Edison with the solution he needed. Edison reneged on the deal, telling Tesla that he didn't understand American humor. Tesla soon left Edison in order to begin his own electric light company Tesla filed and was granted more than 30 patents for his inventions in 1887 and 1888. He soon had financial backing for his ideas from one of Edison' main competitors, Westinghouse. In the 1890's Tesla experimented with x-rays, developed a high-voltage electrical transformer call the Tesla coil, and demonstrated the propagation of radio waves two years before the "Father of Radio" Guglielmo Marconi. He was also the first to harness the mammoth potential energy of Niagara Falls. He worked with General Electric to install AC generators with turbines driven by the falling waters of the Niagara River, creating the first modern power plant although a brilliant scientist, Tesla was not an astute businessman. He created his own obscurity by relinquishing royalty rights for his inventions to major corporations for the purpose of raising funds for future projects. 1. What did Tesla accomplish while attending the University of Prague? A. Improved the design for Edison's DC generators. B. Made repairs to Edison's direct current power plants. C. Made designs for a brushless alternating current motor (CORRECT) D. Developed a high-voltage electrical transformer.*Homonyms*** 1. Which statement is a fact rather than an opinion? *Homonyms make learning English more challenging 2. What inference can be drawn from the article? *English is a difficult language to master 3. What conclusion can be drawn from the article? *In order to master English, the student must learn the Homonyms 4. How does the article define homonyms? *Words that sound alike and are spelled in different ways with different meaning *Getting A Goodnight Sleep*** 1. What is stated in the passage? *Physical Illness can cause Insomnia 2. Which is a solution to Insomnia? *Developing good sleep and herbs and spices 3. Sleep Apnea causes? *Chronic Insomnia 4. When the author wrote this passage, what does he/she intended? *To explain the insomnia and purpose some solution for the condition 5. Insomnia affects intellectual abilities because it? *Causes a deficit in memory, concentration, and attention*Florence Nightingale*** 1. What is pivotal? *Nursing 2. What happened after completion of her studies? *Back to London and worked at the hospital 3. What she founded when she visited the hospital *Filter, dirty bedroom 4. Why she studied secretly? *Wealthy people didn’t work at the hospital 5. Why did she have an opportunity as a child? *Because her family was rich, they had a lot of money 6. She was once a pivotal person in the area? *Patient’s Right *Facts About The One Dollar Bill 1. What did the author intend? *Share some little known facts about the one dollar bill 2. Why is making counterfeit copies of the one dollar bill difficult? *The formula for the ink used is kept a secret 3. What is implied by the message, The One Dollar Bill? *Is a fabulously historical document 4. In the third sentence of the passage, the word minute means? *Extremely small 5. We often accidentally wash dollar bills, why is this not a problem? *Because the dollar bills are made of cotton and linen so they wash easily.Phobias 1. According to the passage, which of the following are types of phobias? (Put all that apply) *Social phobias, panic disorder, anxiety phobia 2. What does the author want the reader to know about phobia? *That phobia are debilitating 3. The passage says that having fear is normal and good, according to the passage why is having a phobia not normal and good because of phobia? *Are extreme and unreasonable *Factory 1. The information presented in this paragraph? *Balanced in its approach 2. What is the best definition to the word “execution” as it is used in the last sentence of this paragraph? *Implementation or Design 3. The paragraphs suggest that the purpose of a factory layout is for? *Safety and profit 3. The paragraph states that both labor and management? *Can benefit from a well-designed factory 4. The author’s reason for writing this composition seems to have been to? *Persuade people to modernize factory design*Violence 1. Based on this reading, early research indicates that the relationship between violence in the television and violence on the street? *Appears Probable 2. The author seems to support? *Further research into the effects of television violence 3. The theme of this article seems to be? *To inform people about the debate over the television violence 4. The paragraph described television executive as? *Responsive to public demands *All That Jazz** *A Bit About Bicycle** * Changing Time** * Safe Driving** *Coffee** *Isaac Asimov** *Mr. Rogers** *RainForest** *Safety** *Lightning**

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