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Marketing Research

The purpose of this chapter is to provide an overview to the thesis study. Chapter starts with the background to the study describing the context where it takes place. Then it identifies the existing performance gap in the study context with evidence and moves into the research problem. Research questions which derived from research objectives and hypothesis and significance of the study are presented in this chapter and finally discussed about the methods that researcher used in the study. Background of the study :- Consumer behavior forms one of the important parts of human behavior. (Kita,2002) According to the Hoyer (2013), consumer behave our reflects the totality of consumer’s decisions with respects to the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of goods, services, activities, experiences, people and ideas by human decision-making units. Consumer behavior relates to three key process. They are acquisition, consumption and disposition. Acquisition means the process of obtaining products, consumption means the process of using products and the process of discharging products called disposition. We focus on this studying of consumer behavior and examining the influence and impact of various factors that affect consumers switching intention in dairy product sector. The dairy industry is one of the most important sectors in Sri Lankan economy. When the government adopted the economic policies opened since 1977, the consumption of dairy products has been increased dramatically. Currently, Sri Lanka is 40% self – sufficient, with a national source of dairy products and needs to import around 60% of dairy products to meet national requirements. (Pathumsha) Dairy industry includes both local and multinational companies. Both companies always try to fulfill the demand of dairy market. Fonterra Company, Nestle Lanka Company, Gsk Company, Maliban Milk Product Pvt Ltd, Milco private limited, Pelawatte dairy industries Pvt Ltd and Lanka Milk Food (CWE) PLC are the distinguished renowned dairy product companies in Sri Lankan market.

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